While you are free to download my books and keep them in any capacity, please do not print them under any circumstances, even for your own personal use. There are ways to strip them from the e-reader program you use and keep the files for yourself. I am prone to updating them as I see fit, which includes removing sections/chapters/stories which don’t work for me anymore. The current versions are the ones I wish for the world to see. If any of your friends would like to read my books, please encourage them to buy their own copies. I try to keep them as relatively inexpensive as possible. 

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For lovers of werewolves, demons, and exorcists, this anthology features short fantasy stories about the supernatural that will delight you.

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When she returns to the small Australian town of Fortitude, Queensland to bury her father, Crystal Latham, a reclusive werewolf, finds a newly-bitten teenager on her doorstep.

Will she be able to take care of a new wolf and take on a murderous, rampaging pack? Will she be able to build a life in the town that chewed her up and spat her out? Or will she run again?

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Fight The Good Fight is an analysis of queer subtext in the Captain America trilogy and the later two Avengers films (Infinity War and Endgame). It delves into queer relationships between the characters Steve, Sam, Bucky and Peggy, as well as others. While this book unintentionally leaves out some very important facets to the lives of queer people, my next book will include more discussions on coming out and queerness as a solitary way of being independent on relationships. I hope you enjoy this nonetheless. This book will remain free to download.

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The Good Book


Daughter Of The Valley