Daughter Of The Valley is out for pre-order!


When she returns to the small Australian town of Fortitude, Queensland to bury her father, Crystal Latham, an itinerant werewolf, finds a newly-bitten teenager on her doorstep.

Will she be able to take care of a new wolf and live up to her father’s legacy? Will she be able to build a life in the town that chewed her up and spat her out? Or will she run again?

Pals, I am so excited. Months of writing and editing are behind me, and now my baby is finally about to be born. I’ve been working on this book since November last year (when it was originally set), although I took a couple months break to finish another book. It took me about three months to write all up, and then a two months of editing, and now it’s finally ready for pre-order.

If you’re a fan of contemporary, gritty fantasy with werewolves and murder plots, then this book is for you! If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to the full deal right away (even though it’s only AUD$4.99, so why wouldn’t you?), you can find my anthology here at Apple Books and here at Google Play for only AUD$2.99. Bear in mind, those stories were written years ago, and my writing has improved A LOT since then. Not to trash my own talent, but we get better with age.

You can buy Daughter Of The Valley, book #1 in the Moon Cycle series, at Apple Books and Google Play.

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