Desperate Writing’s Novel Planning Workbook


This workbook goes through the parts of a novel you will need to figure out, either before you write or along the way.

Elements include:

  • chapter plan
  • book overview
  • character profile

These are things that have taken me years to figure out, but I’ve collated them into a handy guide so you don’t have to!



Compared to actually writing the thing, planning can be one of the most fun parts of creating a novel, but it can also be the trickiest. How do I make my characters three-dimensional? What do I need to know to write a chapter? What is a simple way to summarise my novel? These are some of the questions I’ve had while writing my novels, which I have answered for you by making this workbook. Print off or save to your tablet and work through this planner to help you craft your best novel.

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