I have made some guides and workbooks that you can purchase here. Hopefully they will help you on your journey to be the best writer you can be.

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In my quest to make as much money as possible (I mean, help as many people as possible), I am expanding my services.

Sensitivity Editing

I will be offering sensitivity editing services for manuscripts in the following areas:

  • mental health (bipolar affective disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD)
  • gender & sexuality (lesbian/gay, nonbinary/ agender&female/ genderflux)

While these are my areas of personal experience, I am an active member of the queer and disabled communities and have done my own research for certain identities that I do not claim. While I cannot speak for everyone in these communities, I can do my best to guide you in the right direction and give you resources to help with your specific content.

General Editing

I also offer general editing in the areas of:

  • structural
  • line editing
  • proofreading

(I will not be offering more than one type of editing service for one rate. If you would like a structural, line, and proofreading edit that amounts to three different services.)

Structural editing: You have a complete manuscript (doesn’t matter what number draft). I will provide you with guidance on structure and development to achieve your end result. I will tell you what’s working and what’s not (which can include character analysis) and provide you with ways to improve.

Line editing: You have completed your manuscript as best you can, after going through at least two rounds of editing. This is done before proofreading. I will edit your lines for clarity, consistency, coherency, and aesthetics.

Proofreading: The last step in your editing journey before it goes to publication. I will edit for spelling and grammar.


  • AUD$145 for anything up to 30,000 words.
  • AUD$225 for 30,000 to 80,000 words.
  • AUD$350 for more than 80,000 words.


I will also be offering one-hour consultations in which we talk through your work and I provide guidance on how you can progress. I will not be reading anything to prepare for this, you must have all the necessary information ready to present in the hour. These are best done before you have completed your manuscript as I will provide you structural feedback for your ideas. These consultations cost AUD$42/hour.

Email me Lysa at to chat about what you want to do. Please include in the email: your name; the name/working title, summary and genre of your project; word count or projected word count; themes; content warnings; and what number draft you are up to or if you haven’t started.